Exploring Egypt and the Great Pyramids

June 29, 2014 • Travel Tips • Views: 4285

There are few places featured more often on travel logos and brochures than Egypt and the Great Pyramids. The mere images bring to mind the ideas of exotic and exciting world traveler status. This incredible area has been a travel destination for centuries and allows a peak into one of the earliest civilizations of the world where you stand and wonder how it would be possible to create such things like the Pyramids and Great Sphinx even today, much less thousands of years ago without benefit of machines. It is also one of the places where no amount of pictures in the world can ever do justice to the feel of actually being there.


How to Tour Egypt

While Egypt has a robust tourist industry and hosts millions of visitors a year, it is one of the places where you should utilize an area specialist to book your tours as opposed to a general travel agent or doing it yourself. The vast majority of Egypt is perfectly safe for tourists from Western Countries, however most countries do have travel restrictions and warnings for certain areas of the country. Booking with agents that specialize in Egyptian Tourism will ensure you do not inadvertently choose an unsafe are or mode of travel across unsafe areas. Their familiarity with local tour guides and customs will ensure not only th safest possible trip, but one that avoids any unnecessary delays while traveling within the county.

Great Sphinx of Giza

Where and How in Egypt

While every tour in Egypt must include Giza to see the Sphinx and Pyramids, there is much more to see. Often overlooked activities available include incredible reef diving off the Sinai Peninsula and world class beach resorts in Ain Sukhna for those wishing to include water activities after a trip through dessert.

Traveling by ferry or cruise boat along the majestic Nile is a great way to explore large sections of the country throughout the Nile Valley and there is some travel by rail to different areas (though travel by rail is also disallowed for westerners in some areas so utilize the tour company to book rail travel in country),


Cairo is a mixture of ancient culture and modern convenience and worth a day or two to explore. While safe enough now in general, once again sticking to organized tours as opposed to setting off on your own is recommended.

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