Forget About the Winter- Best Beaches in Israel

March 27, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 4417

For many of us, it has been a long, cold winter. After the holiday season, many people are faced with months of scraping the ice off their windshields, shovelling snow, and putting on all their winter layers before stepping outside.

If you’ve been hoping for some fun in the sun, you may not yet have heard about all the great beaches in Israel. Hanging out and enjoying the sea and sand is an Israeli lifestyle, and you’ll be surprised at just how many different beaches there are to choose from. Here are just a few:

The Dead Sea

Many people are unaware that the Dead Sea is actually the lowest point on earth. It has a salt concentration of 33.7%, and many people like to visit to get a photo of themselves reading a newspaper while they float in the water.

The Dead Sea is excellent for your skin, so be sure to slather yourself with the mud bath, which is full of therapeutic minerals which are exported in skin products around the world.


Aqueduct Beach

Located in Caesarea, this unique beach is the place to go if you’d like to get up close to ancient Roman ruins. You can explore the aqueduct which was built in the first century BCE by King Herod, only to be expanded 300 years later so that running water could be brought to Caesarea.

If you’re over the crowds, this is the beach for you. You won’t find any music or restaurants, but lifeguards are on duty along some parts of the beach.

Gordon Beach

Gordon Beach has a saltwater swimming pool, and plenty of chairs to lie on while you soak up the sun. You’ll also find plenty of volleyball courts, so you can burn off some calories before you chow down on some traditional Israeli food. This place comes alive after the sun goes down, with plenty of outdoor beach bars with dancing, drinks, and DJs.

Dolphin Reef

The public beaches in Eilat get very crowded, but pay to get into the Dolphin Reef and you’ll have some peace and quiet. You can lie on a sunchair and watch the dolphins swim, and if you’re 10 or over you can get into the water with them.

There’s also a diving and snorkelling centre here, along with a beachside bar/cafe and plenty of relaxation pools to choose from.

Banana Beach

The entire west side of Tel Aviv is just one beach after another. Banana beach can be found on the southernmost part close to Jaffa, and it’s the place to go to release your inner hippie. On Friday nights you can see young people dancing, singing, and enjoying drum circles on the cliffs.

Throughout the rest of the week it’s a relaxed spot, with paddleball, Matkot, and sunbathing popular. You can also rent some surfboards or take a few lessons while you’re there.

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