Six reasons why travelling to cold country rocks

March 22, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 1983

If you’re planning your next holiday, then you may want to consider travelling to a cold country. Below, we’ve put together six reasons why colder countries, such as Wales, Iceland and Canada rock.

  1. You’ll put more thought into what you do

Let’s face it – although beach and all inclusive holidays are perfect for soaking up the sun and drinking one too many cocktails, you can often come home feeling like you haven’t done anything. By visiting a colder destination, you’ll be forced to put more thought into what you do – from visiting local museums and tourist attractions to spending time in nature and cooking meals al fresco on a barbeque. Cold countries are ideal for nature lovers who want some adventure.

  1. You can wrap up warm

If you don’t like bearing your flesh or just want to stay wrapped up snugly and warm, then a cold country is the perfect choice for you. Her Packing List has put together an essential suitcase checklist for cold holidays – use layers if you want to pack light and avoid unnecessary bulk, invest in some high-quality insulated footwear to keep your feet warm and well protected, bring accessories such as hats and scarves, and if you want to save money on excess baggage, wear as much of your clothing as possible when you’re boarding your aircraft.


  1. The views are stunning

The world is a big place, and destinations such as Finland and Canada offer stunning views – perfect if you want to take in nature or make use of your new camera equipment. Indeed, colder holiday packages often place emphasis on natural landscapes, attracting walkers, hikers and photographers.

  1. It’s more affordable

Exotic destinations like the Caribbean and the Canary Islands are sought after and can be expensive, so it makes sense that colder countries are often cheaper getaway choices. Holidays in North Wales, for example, offer stunning views of Anglesey and Snowdonia, luxurious accommodation options in log cabins and holiday cottages, and are significantly cheaper than spending time in one of Europe’s other tourist destinations. Shop around, and you’ll find a colder holiday at a bargain.

  1. You won’t get sunburned!

If you’re prone to sunburn, then going to a cold country is one of the best ways to avoid it! Of course, there’s still the possibility of burning in cold weather due to snow burn, but if you’re sensible and apply moisturiser and sun cream, your natural skin tone will remain, whatever you get up to.

  1. You might get to see some snow

If you’re a fan of winter weather, then consider a destination such as Chamonix in France or Niseko in Japan. Both are ideal for skiing, taking in some winter sun and spending time in the snow. Just remember that skiing holidays can be expensive and dangerous, so make sure you to do the necessary training before you head to the slopes.

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