Magical Adventures For Your Children

March 20, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 2254

Taking a family vacation is exciting for all of the family.  It doesn’t matter if you have older children or young toddlers.  Some of the best memories we make are those which we create on trips.  Spending time together without the stresses of home means we can really have fun, get to know each other and enjoy a different kind of space.

There are some great destinations to take children, but nothing beats taking your child somewhere magical.  You don’t have to think big to create that magic.  Spending three weeks in a winnebago travelling across the state can be just as incredible as taking a two week cruise.  It’s all about opening their eyes, and yours, to an exciting new world.

Of course, the older your children become the more expensive this becomes.  Most flight operators charge full price for children over 12 and as soon as your baby needs a seat, you can’t get away with popping them on your lap.  So prices go up and your budget may have come down.  We have a selection of ideas for any budget.  So sit back, get inspired and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime.

Let’s start with one of the most magical places on earth.  Disney.  If you didn’t go to Disney as a child then you have missed out on a right of every child.  With a few locations across the world you can head into America or take a real trip overseas and visit Disneyland Paris.  You don’t just get the resort of course, there is also nearby attractions including Universal Studios and Seaworld.  Ok.  So we can already hear your wallet twitching.  This isn’t going to be the cheapest holiday you have ever taken, however there are loads of options ranging from weekend passes to full on fortnights.  So you will find something to suit your budget.  A little bit of searching on the internet will secure you a discount Disney vacation, which may mean you need to head over out of season but you won’t lose any of the magic.  

We do advise waiting until your children are the right height to go on all the rides, this means you won’t have any broken hearts watching their siblings having all the fun.  However this is a great location for any ages.  So don’t be put off if you have one little one and a great big teenager.  

There is no doubt that from the moment you step into Disney, you will be swept up into an incredible kingdom of fun, joy and beautiful moments.  So put this one on the list and if you have to, get saving for the ultimate trip.

Another great vacation for children is skiing.  Especially if you are heading off to Europe.  Whilst the ski season is still in full flow until the end of April, one of the best times to head out is through the festive season.  The best thing about this is you can head up to see Santa in Lapland!


Skiing is fantastic for all of the family.  If one of you is already a seasoned skier then you can head off and tackle some of the harder courses, whilst the rest of the family enjoy lessons with the resort instructor.  The snow will be incredible and whilst many of us will be used to the long, and sometimes dragging, winter season, it is another way to experience this white powder.  

You don’t have to go too far afield, Canada and the USA have some of the greatest ski resorts in the world.  Not only will you be surrounded by other families but at certain times of the year you will get to witness training for events such as the Olympic Games or the X Games.  You might even inspire the kids to take on a different challenge in their future.

The bonus of heading in state for a little fun on the snow is that you might get to experience the incredible dog sledding.  Heading off through the trees and across the mountain terrain with nothing more than dog power is an amazing way to travel.  The kids will love it and so will you.

Earlier we mentioned heading off for the ultimate road trip.  This is going to be a favourite with all the family.  Hiring a Winnebago and packing the whole family and the dog, if you have one, off on an adventure will have you all buzzing from the moment you set off until the day you get back.  It is a great way to experience the environment you live in.  Pulling up and camping every night means the children will be spending a lot of their time outside, playing in the same way we did as children.  

If you can you could tie in lots of visits to family and friends along the way.  This gives you the perfect chance to take a break from each other, especially if you are experiencing a little cabin fever.  You don’t have to worry about expensive meals out as you will have everything you need, to create fantastic meals, on board.  

It is also an excellent opportunity to teach your kids some valuable life skills.  Such as fire lighting, survival in the forests, fishing and much more.  Ok, so you aren’t going to need these to survive a few weeks in a modern winnebago, however you could park up and then spend a few nights camping in the woods.  Or heading out to one of the awesome fishing lakes for a few days, then cooking your catch.  


If you have room you could strap bikes, kayaks and much more to the roof.  Then you can take yourself of and create some amazing adventures away from the road.

What could be more magical than heading off on an aeroplane to visit the best known Royal Family in the world.  London is a fantastic destination for families and is also a country pretty close to most of our hearts.  Whilst you probably aren’t going to get an audience with Queen Elizabeth, nothing is as awe inspiring as walking down the Mall to Buckingham Palace.  

For a big city, London looks pretty small compared to Canada.  However it is jam packed with so many attractions you could easily get lost.  Even grabbing a black cab is a wild new experience for youngsters.  

The Tower of London, The Wax Works and The Natural History Museum are all must visit locations and you can easily hop between them on the tube.  However, the jewel in London’s crown has to be the incredible West End.  Here you can catch one of the world renowned shows and then head off for a taste of london cuisine.  Being a culturally diverse place you could choose a restaurant offering cuisine from pretty much anywhere in the world.

London also has some incredible shops which you may not have available at home.  Whilst you will need a pretty healthy credit card balance to buy anything, Harrods is a must visit, especially the toy department.  You can also have dinner at the top of the Shard.  Although again, pack a lottery win in your pocket and don’t expect a brilliant kids menu!

Whilst you are in the UK you could also take a trip on a cute little Narrow boat.  There are loads of canals across Britain and these are best navigated by boat.  A Narrow, or long, boat is almost like a tiny winnebago, except it’s on the water.  With the canals being full of locks, your children can run alongside you if they want (don’t panic, they can probably run faster than your boat will go) and they can do some of the hard work when you need to raise the boat up a level.  

There are some great ways to travel to London and a really good site to use when planning any trip is this site will calculate the best route and the best mode of transport.  Giving you a variety of options from the most direct to the cheapest.  It works on short or long haul trips so give it try if you are looking to save money.

Of course, if you are on a really tight budget then you don’t have to travel further than your back garden for an amazing mini vacation.  If you don’t own a tent, you can make one and you also have the knowledge you can sneak back indoors if you left something behind.  Check out the local tourist attractions in your area and see what free local events there are.  Then head out with sandwiches and water to see what you can do in your neighbourhood.  

Really, all children need is your time.  If they have two weeks of dedicated attention then they will feel just as refreshed as they will returning from a holiday in the sun.  

You may have to be a little more creative but it is possible to have the holiday of a lifetime without paying for it.  You could even theme your staycation and eat mexican for the week.  Or play silly games you have found on the internet.  

Get creative, get together and enjoy these moments of pleasure.  They will last you a lifetime.  

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