Healthy Habits for Terrific Travel

November 23, 2013 • Travel Tips • Views: 5360

The excitement of travel makes it far too easy to forget to think of your health.  Good health makes travel more fun and full, however, so keep these tips for taking care of your body in mind on your next trip.

Eat Something Green Every Day

Eating out when you’re travelling is a huge part of the experience.  You want to taste all the intriguing new cuisine on offer, and we applaud and encourage this worthwhile endeavor.  It’s a great way to get to know a place and a culture.  However, eating all your meals out for days at a time isn’t necessarily the healthiest way to fuel your body.  Get the best of both worlds by trying to eat like you live there, wherever “there” may be.  Patronize grocery stores – or even better, markets- and pull together delicious and nutritious meals.  Chances are there will be some new and interesting things on offer; after all, buying your food where the locals do is in many ways a more authentic experience than eating out.  Plus you’ll be able to make healthier choices.  Make sure to include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables – even better if they’re locally grown or native to the area!


Stay Hydrated

Getting enough H2O is important for your body in so many ways.  If the area you’re travelling to has clean water, try carrying a water bottle that you can clip to your bag to make sure you always have plenty of fluids readily available (you’ll save tons of money on bottled water too – and help the environment!)  If your destination’s drinking water isn’t potable, you may want to invest in a water bottle with a purifier if you’re staying for a while.  Just make sure you do your research and pick a brand you trust.

Get In Those Z’s

While it’s tempting (especially for those of you in the backpacking scene) to party until late every night, not getting enough sleep will wear out your immune system in a hurry – meaning if you go, go, go all the time you’ll eventually crash.  Enjoy a crazy night out from time to time, just don’t make it every night, and you’ll make sure you have enough energy to fully enjoy every minute of your trip.  Plus, you’ll be less tempted to sleep in, giving you extra daylight hours to explore.


Keep Moving

While your regular exercise habits may fall by the wayside while you’re travelling, that doesn’t mean you should stop moving.  Packing your running shoes and taking an early morning jog in a new city can be a beautiful travel experience, as can an outdoor yoga practice or body weight routine with a brand new view.  But staying moving can be even simpler than that – as simple as taking a walk.  Get a good map and do as much of your sightseeing as possible on foot.  Not only will you get good exercise that way, you’ll also see a lot more the little details that give a place its character, and you’ll save money on transportation costs.  Just make sure you pack a good, comfortable pair of walking shoes to protect your feet and joints, and maybe stretch a little at the end of the day.


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