How to Obtain a Russian business visa invitation letter

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To obtain a business visa, you first need to obtain a Russian invitation letter . Only legal persons registered on the territory of the Russian Federation and certified by the Consular Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Federal Migration Service can issue such business invitations.

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Types of Russian visa invitation letters.

Russian business visa invitation letter contains the following types:

Issued by the Federal Migration Service;

Issued by a Russian company;

Telex issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Office of the Federal Migration Service issues a business invitation letter based on the application documents submitted by the applicant’s organization. After the inviting party receives the business visa invitation letter application, the original copy must be sent to the invitee via express mail service (DHL, EMS, etc.). Some consulates accept copies of the invitation letter, but the consulate staff has the right to request the applicant to produce the original.

letter from the Federal Office of Migration

The business invitation letter allows the applicant to stay in Russia from 1 month to 1 year. It is recommended that citizens of countries with high migration risk begin to apply for this type of visa invitation 30 working days in advance. Nationals of other countries can get an invitation letter within 6 to 12 days. The invitation issued by the Russian Federal Migration Service must be submitted to the Russian Consulate in the original form, that is, it must be sent by courier. You can find pricing information on our website.

The business invitation letter issued by the Russian Federal Migration Service contains the following information:

Passport data

Purpose and date of visit to Russia

Information about the inviting organization

Destinations planned to visit (up to 5 locations)

The personal number of the business invitation letter and the date of issue

Form Number

Signature and seal of the official signing the invitation letter.

Before issuing the invitation letter, the Federal Migration Service will check the personal data of foreign citizens, including administrative fines, records of expulsion from Russia, etc. If such facts are discovered, the applicant will receive a written rejection letter stating the reason for the rejection and the official’s signature.

Only legal persons certified by the Federal Migration Service have the right to send invitation letters to foreign citizens. This kind of invitation is issued on the special letterhead of the inviting organization. This kind of visa invitation letter is only applicable to nationals of countries where the simplified visa policy applies (these countries include the United States and European Union countries).

Visa invitation letter issued by an authorized agency

Such invitations can be sent out within 1 working day. However, in most countries (except developed countries), you need to express the original invitation letter. A Russian business visa can allow applicants to stay in Russia for 1 month to 3 years (only applicable to EU citizens, except for the United Kingdom and Denmark).

Usually the consulate takes 10-12 days to process your visa application. During this period, screening procedures will be implemented to find out whether foreign citizens have a record of fines, convictions or deportations. Information about the inviting organization also needs to be checked.

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The telex invitation letter is an instruction sent to the consulate by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through internal communication channels. In this case, the applicant does not need to print or mail the invitation letter. The personal number of the invitation letter and the detailed information of the inviting company need to be filled in the visa application form. The processing time for this type of visa invitation letter is 6 to 13 working days. For details, please see how to obtain a telex invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on our website.

Telex invitation

If you need our help to issue a business visa invitation letter, please provide the following documents:

Visa Invitation Letter Application Form

photocopy of passport

Copy of previous Russian visa (if any)

If the foreigner plans to apply for a Russian visa in a country other than his home country, it is necessary to provide a copy of the residence permit approved by that country

If a foreigner travels with a minor child, a copy of the child’s birth certificate must be presented.

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