Inspiring Holiday Destinations To Consider For Your Next Trip Away

September 2, 2019 • Travel Tips • Views: 3657

When it comes to booking your next trip away, we can all be a little overwhelmed by all of the options available. The thing is, it can feel like such a big decision to make because you want to ensure you make the right choice. City or coast? Hotel or serviced apartments in Melbourne? There is a lot to consider. The perfect escape with just enough going on, or the vibrant break that will fill every minute you have away. It can get a little too much. So let’s take the pressure away for a moment, here are some of the most inspiring holiday destinations that you could consider for your next trip away.


Have a holiday of a lifetime to Australia

As a traveler, I am hoping to see as many places as I can. But I appreciate not all of us have that luxury, so Australia tends to be high on the list of places you have to go at some point in your life. Well make that some point now and book your once in a lifetime trip. Decide that you are going to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, embrace the coffee and food culture the vibrant city of Melbourne has to offer and learn to surf on Bondi Beach in Sydney. You have got to admit, it sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Take a road trip across the USA states

Holidays don’t mean you have to stick with one destination, why not plan a road trip and cram in as many locations as you can. A  popular place to do this is the USA. Many people considering from LA to Las Vegas or take a trip on the famous Route 66. It could offer you the chance to see so many places in one go, that it could present the perfect holiday choice for you.

Enjoy the luxurious beaches of South Africa

Does a beautiful white and sandy beach sound appealing right now? Listening to the waves crash gently in the background while you soak up the sun and enjoy a cocktail? Then maybe you should visit South Africa and go see some of the world’s best beaches for yourself. But, there is much more to do there. Take a safari, explore the bustling city of Cape Town, or just sample the fine wine and food.


Shop to your heart’s content in Dubai

Who doesn’t love shopping? Then if you want to take in some of the delights and bargains, you can only find abroad, then take your next trip to Dubai. With plenty of luxurious malls to spend your days ogling at fine jewelry and beautiful clothing, there isn’t much to dislike. Plus a city on the beach just makes this trip a versatile option for all.

Enjoy the culture Canada has to offer

Finally, if you haven’t been to my home country of Canada, then you are missing out. It can offer a truly cultural experience, especially as places like Toronto has been voted the most diverse place in the world. There is quite a lot to experience in this vast country, and a place you should consider visiting at some point.

I hope this has offered you some inspiration.

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