Top Things to do While Stuck in Transit

September 17, 2019 • Inspiration • Views: 4247

Getting stuck in transit when traveling can be a dreadful thing, especially if you are the kind who doesn’t like waiting around too much (which is, most likely, the vast majority of the people out there). What to do when stuck in transit? Here are some of our best suggestions:


Read a book
Sure, the airport may not be the best place to start reading Dostoyevsky or Thomas Mann, but having a good, easy-to-read book with you can help you make the time pass. If you have a tablet or an eBook reader with you, reading will be much easier to “carry around” and you have multiple options at hand (so if you are not in the mood for one book, you can easily skip to another one without having to carry a luggage full of books with you).

Find a place to stay
If you know that you will have to spend the night (and/or more!) in transit, you might want to look into the option of finding a hotel or a hostel. In general, it is a good idea to research the airport’s accommodation options before you embark on your trip – but if you don’t actually manage to do this, try not to spend the night “in the open”.

Play Online Games

Games are a great way to pass the time because you get caught up in the thrill of the action, which ensures the time spent in transit goes really fast. You might feel overwhelmed trying to find an online game to play as there are so many different options. It just takes some time testing them out to see what suits you best, if you want to have a nostalgic feel you can try checkers online or be on a thrill, you can try and play Call of Duty online. The great thing about this is all you need is your laptop, smart phone or tablet and an internet connection and you’re good to go.


Have a bite…or two
Airports usually offer plenty of food options (and they are most frequently a safe bet) – so why not grab a bite? Take a walk, see what your options are and choose something good to eat. It may not make the “staying in transit” story better and it may not actually make the life feel pinker, but it will at least stop you from being hungry (which, as we all know, can add a lot to your general irritability). If you are stuck in a more “exotic” country, try items you haven’t tried before (such as, for example, a black burger at McDonald’s in Japan).

Write a page in your travel journal
…Or start one if you don’t have it. Seriously, time can fly by when you spend time with your own thoughts. Plus, it can be a really great way to jot down all the amazing things you have experienced in your travels and to take note of the things you didn’t particularly enjoy (e.g. “getting stuck in transit”). If you have a blog, write a post – if not, simply write down on whatever comes handy. Writing does help a lot and, years from now, you’ll be probably laughing really hard reading what your thoughts were “that one time you got stuck in an airport in the middle of South East Asia”.


On Facebook or in real life. Chances are that there are at least a few people around you in the same situation as you – and they will probably search for ways to keep themselves busy meanwhile too. Set your eyes on someone that inspires trust and simply socialize. Extra tip: a deck of cards can really help you break the ice.

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