Planning The Perfect Berlin City Break

September 24, 2019 • Travel Tips • Views: 1809

Do you love exploring new cities and devouring all they have to offer? Berlin is certainly somewhere that will whet your appetite. As the capital city, it’s Germany’s largest, and offers plenty of incredible things to see and do. Cool, edgy and full of history, Berlin is definitely one to add to your travel bucket list.

Interested in exploring this fantastic city? Make the most of your trip to Berlin with these tips to help you plan your trip.


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Walk as much as possible

As with most great cities, exploring them on foot is the best way to see them. You’ll get to stop to admire the architecture, get to find lots of hidden places, as well as take your time. While you can guide yourself around Berlin, there are plenty of guided walking tours you can take too.

Soak up the nightlife

Berlin is known for its great nightlife, and you won’t be disappointed by what’s on offer. Warschauer Strasse is the place to go for techno, while Kreuzberg has more of a hipster vibe. If you want to try a bit of everything, head to Mitte.

Learn about Berlin’s history

Berlin has a rich and famous history, and you’ll be able to soak up a lot of it in the city. During your stay you’ll want to add the Brandenburg Gate, the Rebuilt Reichstag and the Berlin War memorial to your list of things to see. You will also find some great museums and beautiful buildings to explore that will be sure to make you fall in love with Berlin.


Eat and drink your way around the city

Another great thing about Berlin, of course, is the food and drink. From Currywurst to a classic schnitzel, there’s a lot of German cuisine you’ll want to sample. Beer is the drink of choice in Berlin, and you’ll find plenty of fantastic places to enjoy some classic German beers in the city. 

Stay longer and explore

If you’re interested in seeing a bit more of Germany during your stay, you can always hire a car at Berlin airport and take a drive to some nearby spots. You should visit Potsdam, the Prussian royal city which features beautiful palaces and grounds, which is only a short drive from Berlin. Meanwhile, the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is a must to take a tour. 

To enjoy some time outdoors, head to Wannsee, where the various waterfronts provide some amazing places to relax, especially during the summer months. Driving in Berlin means you’ll get to experience the autobahn, which is an incredible experience in itself.

A weekend in Berlin is one of those essential city breaks that can be taken at any time of year. With so much to see and do, and just a short flight from the UK, you can enjoy the perfect city break in Berlin.

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