Interested in an Active Holiday? Check Out These Great Adventure Holidays

January 6, 2018 • Travel Tips • Views: 2029

There’s nothing quite like connecting with nature: it’s good for your mind, it’s a wonderful way to get some oxygen pumping through your body and a fun adventure that will provide you with tons of photo opportunities. No matter how much time you have off for your vacations in 2018, I suggest looking into the option of an active holiday. If you’re not as fit and healthy as you used to be, don’t fret, there are plenty of options available for a variety of fitness levels. You can choose something like a half day activity right through to something that lasts a week or longer! There are tons of reasons why an active holiday is a great idea, but probably my favorite is that it’s so easy to bond with your friends and family when you’re pushing your boundaries a little. When you’re outside of your comfort level and trying new things, it’s often funny, challenging and emotionally rewarding. This is a wonderful recipe to create fun and memorable moments with your favorite people. They’re also great activities to add to hen’s parties or stag-dos to make things a little more exciting!  Here are some ideas for active holidays that are going to be tons of fun!


1.  A Walking Holiday

These are a great option for all activity levels as you can choose an itinerary that works for almost any fitness level. You can choose to do your own independent walks, but if you prefer a little more security or just want to have a pre-planned itinerary, then you can do a walking holiday tour! Walking holidays are a great way to be healthy while on vacation, to enjoy a slower pace, and to have ample time to take wonderful pictures along the way. The great thing about a walking holiday is that you can even take your children along! For smaller children under the age of 3, you may want to invest in a good quality baby carrier so that you can take them along for the ride. This will give you the flexibility to handle more challenging walks without having to leave your little ones behind. Be sure to choose a walking tour that provides wonderful scenery as you’ll be able to get tons of great photos along the way.

2. White Water Rafting

I personally love the thrill of white water rafting: speeding down a river, not sure if you’ll make it to the end without flipping your raft. The thrill of going down waterfalls or over big rocks. It’s also a wonderful way to work on team building whether between you and family members or with friends because you have to paddle together in sync to end up going where you want. Usually, you’ll go along with a guide which is great for your safety and depending on where in the world you do it, you may also be able to have a photographer go alongside you so you can get some really cool group shots. But be warned: if you love adrenaline, you may find yourself addicted to this heart-pumping sport. It’s a good idea to book your whitewater rafting tour a few days in advance because you may be surprised to find that they book out quickly. Also be sure to Google and see if you can find any coupons because it’s a relatively expensive sport so any discount will make a substantial difference especially if you’re in a large group.

3. Rock Climbing

If you’ve ever rock climbed on a climbing wall before, you know how addictive this sport can be. There are numerous beautiful places around the world where you can do amazing climbs. There are tons of parks scattered around the United States but rock climbing is also an activity you can do in more exotic destinations. Why not head to the South of Thailand to enjoy some stunning climbs around Krabi. If you’re interested in stunning scenery, head to New Zealand and enjoy some of the wonderful climbs this beautiful country has to offer.


4. Ski Holiday

Skiing or snowboarding is a super fun way to have an active holiday. You can visit some amazing slopes around the world, that have little ski towns with everything you’ll need. If you’re looking for an exotic destination to ski at, why not consider a ski holiday trip to Japan? You can also soak it up in their famous outdoor hot tubs while watching the snow sprinkle down. The United States and Canada have a large collection of fields to choose from. If you’re on a bit of a budget and want to hit the slopes, why not consider visiting a smaller field in Slovakia or the Czech Republic? Both countries are jam-packed with lots of cultural history including some absolutely stunning castles which make for wonderful day trips when you need a break from the slopes. If winter tends to drag you down then choosing a ski holiday can be a great way to break up the colder weather and add a little excitement to your winter.

5. Cycling Holiday

If you want all the joy of being outside, but want to go a lot faster and want to cover bigger distances, why not consider going on a cycling holiday. You can choose to do an entire trip cycling, or even just rent bicycles for a day or two to explore an area. If you’re visiting a region of the world famous for their wines, why not consider going on a cycling tour of the vineyards, stopping off along the way to sample their wines and enjoy a cheese platter or two. The great thing about choosing a cycling holiday is that almost everyone can cycle and you can look into the option of children’s seats or trailers for younger kids in order to take them along too. Be mindful of the weather and temperatures when you’re booking a cycling holiday, it’s best to avoid cycling in the middle of the day when the temperatures are higher and the sun is the strongest. Don’t forget sunscreen, a helmet and a pair of sunglasses!

Whether you’re super active or just hoping to explore this world a little more, each of these active holiday ideas are a great way to spice up a holiday or as a focal point for your travel planning. Be sure to be realistic about the fitness levels of the group so that you find activities that everyone will enjoy! Don’t forget to pack a fully charged camera because any of these activities are a recipe for some great memories you’ll want to capture and treasure.

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