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April 26, 2018 • Travel Tips • Views: 2140

Thinking about cruising? This is one of the best ways to travel since you can see and do plenty in a short amount of time, while still getting in plenty of relaxation.

Here are some top tips for your next cruise:

Pack smart

When you arrive at the dock, your cruise company will take your checked luggage to your room. That’s super convenient, but you may not get your bag until many hours later. Make sure you have everything you need, including a swimsuit, change of clothes, and any other essentials packed in your carryon or handbag.

Do your research

On a cruise, most of the things you’ll need- ports, cabins, fun, and food are already arranged. But you should also do as much research as you can before you cruise. That’s because you’ll want to know not only what facilities are available on the ship, but what activities are available at each port. That way, you can do as much sightseeing as possible in your time frame.  To better access regional websites for the research, use a VPN and choose your destination’s VPN server location.


Find a great deal

You’ll be surprised at just how much you can save if you look for cruise deals. Many cruises release early-bird sales, but if you’re not fussed about where you go (or the location of your cabin) you can also grab some excellent last-minute deals. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to pay gratuities onboard, and the price of those expensive cruise drinks can also really add up.

Take insurance

As soon as you book your cruise, consider booking your insurance. That’s because travel insurance will cover you in the event that you suddenly get sick or break a leg and can’t travel. It will also keep you covered while you’re cruising, so you can have peace of mind the entire time you’re away. Be sure to compare travel insurance asap, so you can get a great deal.

Stay healthy

One of the best parts of cruising is definitely the food. But if you’re hoping to avoid gaining weight on your cruise, you’ll need to be prepared. Most cruises have a fitness center where you can workout and even sign up for classes. This can be a great way to stay fit while you’re away and burn off a few extra calories. Of course, exercise can only do so much, so you’ll need to show a little restraint at the buffet. Instead of loading your plate with your favourites, promise yourself you can go back for seconds, and start the meal with high-protein and healthy options. That way, you’ll be mostly filling up on good food but can still enjoy dessert or a piece of pizza after your meal.

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