Reasons to Stay in a Rental Apartment When on Holiday

November 15, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 1920

The first thing that comes to mind when going on holiday is accommodation. Where will you stay while on vacation? Is there available accommodation near where you want to go? How much will you spend on accommodation? The cost of any holiday heavily depends on the cost of accommodation. If you want a cheap vacation experience, think about cheap accommodation. There are different accommodation options. However, renting a rental apartment is the best of them all. Here are the benefits of staying in holiday rentals over other accommodation options.


A holiday rental is the best place to stay when travelling as a family. These apartments are large and spacious to suit families. You can have your room as a couple and other bedrooms for your kids. Besides the bedrooms, a holiday rental has a spacious living and dining room. This is contrary to hotel rooms where you have to visit a restaurant to take your meals.


Rental apartments are similar to your own home. While a hotel room only provides a bed, rental apartments are self-contained with everything you need in a home. Apartments Edinburgh offers are self-contained with a living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom with the right sized splash back and your preferred number of bedrooms. Moreover, they are fully-furnished with quality furniture, TV set, kitchen utensils and beds. All you need is to do your grocery shopping and enjoy your stay.


We all love our privacy. You want a property that will guarantee safety of your luggage and your personal privacy. Rental apartments provide exactly that. Once booked, you will be provided with the access keys. The apartment can only be accessed by you. There are no cleaning staff visiting you every morning. You will have the apartment to yourself for the entire period of your stay.


Most rental apartments in Edinburgh are located in central Edinburgh. Their proximity to facilities such as shopping centres and attraction sites makes them perfect for your stay. Apartments are also located in accessible areas.

Booking options

When travelling with colleagues or friends, you may choose to live under one roof. Apartments offer both single and group bookings. Most people prefer group bookings when going on a business trip. This is a cheap option as you will share the expense.

It is also cheap to hire a rental apartment. Compared to a hotel where you have to pay for every hotel room you occupy, an apartment charges an overall price regardless of the number of visitors. Before you choose an apartment, make sure that it suits your needs. You can enquire about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. It is also advisable that you enquire regarding its availability. If not already booked, you can reserve it by making a down payment.


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