Why Singapore’s popularity keeps growing

November 16, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 2201

Singapore is an area of contrasts. It is a small island city with a population of more than 5.5 million people, which means it is just behind Monaco in the list of densely populated nations. However, with a considerable amount of open spaces and greenery, Singapore is a city where people can find space to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

With those factors in mind, it is no surprise the popularity of Singapore keeps growing. The city has developed a fantastic reputation for being welcoming to foreigners and you’ll find that English is spoken by many of the indigenous people.

One thing that Singapore has in its favor is that it is extremely neat and well cared for. There are very strict laws in Singapore relating to graffiti, littering, the disposal of chewing gum and even spitting, which helps to maintain a clean environment. While these rules ensure that Singapore is a city with very little grime, this approach also feeds into the attitude of the citizens. Singapore is a very respectful city with a high standard of public order and low crime rates. That makes it easier for expat families to settle.

It is easy to get around Singapore

Another positive aspect about life in Singapore is that there are plenty of taxis, with the rates being quite affordable. Knowing that there is a plentiful supply of taxis is comforting for expats who find that they can travel around freely without paying a fortune in fares.

With many major international companies being located in Singapore, numerous individuals and families have moved to the area for work. For single people there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy a busy and active dating scene in Singapore, with thriving arts and cultural centers in many locations, but families also have a lot of fantastic amenities available.

Education is of a high standard in Singapore

Another very strong reason for families to consider settling in Singapore is the high standard of schooling. Educational options are essential for families and the range of international schools to choose from in Singapore means that families can move with confidence so that their children’s education is in safe hands.

With international schools offering education based on an American curriculum, there is no concern for parents who uproot their children during their education at home or who want to ensure their child’s education will not be disrupted when they return back to their homeland. In fact, an international school education can open many doors around the world, which means that students may find they have increased job opportunities in a number of countries. Gaining an international baccalaureate in Singapore is a positive advantage for a student because the qualification will be recognized around the world. As a result, parents can be confident their children’s career choices will be wide ranging after they have completed their education in Singapore.

Compared to some countries in Asia, the entry requirements imposed by Singapore are not as strict, which ensures there is always interest from people looking for a new place to live and work.

When an individual or a family has settled in Singapore it is quickly realized there are many good reasons to stay, which is why the popularity of Singapore is growing so quickly.

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