Revealed: The Dumbest Things You Should NEVER Do Before Flying Anywhere

June 22, 2022 • Travel Tips • Views: 3068

It’s no secret that air travel has made it possible to visit all kinds of exotic places in the world. What’s more, it need not take us weeks to get there as it did via sea! Today, the cost of flying in a commercial airliner is relatively affordable. With that in mind, millions of us jet off to all kinds of fantastic vacation destinations each year.

The only downside with flying is that we make all kinds of epic fails before we even step foot on a plane! In fact, there are many dumb things that we humans do. Want to avoid making them the next time you have to fly anywhere? Keep reading to find out more about the dumbest things you should never do before flying!


Packing only the things you need

In a rush to get out the door and head to the airport, we often pack things we don’t need. These usually include clothes that aren’t appropriate to our destination. And stuff like books we will probably never read during our time away!

You have to remember that airlines impose weight restrictions on all luggage you carry. If you take everything but the kitchen sink with you, expect to get hit with excess baggage fees. Therefore, it makes sense only to pack the things you need.

Remember that you might also buy some clothes while you are away. So, you’ll need some room in your suitcase for the return journey!

Not taking your car to the airport

You might think that it’s a smarter move to take the bus, train or taxi to the airport. But, it makes better sense to drive yourself there and back, believe it or not!

For example, let’s say that you live in San Francisco and had to fly somewhere. You might assume that it’s best to use public transit systems and then the BART Rapid Rail to the airport.

If you live quite a distance from the airport, it could cost you a lot of money to get there from home. Especially if you decided to take a taxi there. You’ve also got the worry that public transit systems sometime fail. That could mean you end up missing your flight!

However, if you drive to the airport, you can leave home whenever you wish. And if you leave with plenty of time to spare, you won’t worry about your plane leaving without you.

The SFO airport parking facilities are abundant with spaces. And you’ll find that is the same in virtually any major airport around the world. Another advantage of parking at the airport is you can arrive and leave whenever you wish.


Being averse to technology

Thanks to the evolution of the smartphone, flying is more convenient and less stressful. For example, you can check into your flight online instead of waiting in a long queue. And itinerary apps like TripIt mean you don’t have to carry around lots of paperwork.

There are also apps that show you where things are in unfamiliar airports and sometimes they can answer questions like “Is Spirit Airlines Safe?”. Plus, you can even get discounts on food, drink, and other items with some apps. It pays to embrace technology. Your airport and flight experience will be so much easier.

Forgetting to bring food with you

One of the things that catch a lot of people out is not bringing food with them from home. They assume that airports and, indeed, the airlines they fly with, can provide them with food. Let me share with you some of the harsh realities of flying.

First of all, airport food is always overpriced and seldom any better than mediocre. Second, never avoid taking food from home if you’ve got an allergy or intolerance. For example, those with a gluten intolerance will find few food options in airports and on planes.

I recommend carrying your food in your hand luggage (the bags you take with you on the plane). Be sure to have enough food to last the journey to your destination. And don’t forget to pack some food before you fly back home.

Leaving your manners at home

Airport and airline staff are humans, just like you. And, as you’ve done plenty of times in the past, they make mistakes. Instead of being that annoying and obnoxious tourist, be polite to people. It’s a well-known fact that you’re more likely to get what you want just by being kind and smiling!

Sometimes, problems can happen that are out of the control of airport staff. You might feel angry and frustrated. But, it’s no excuse to take it out on the first person you see. Instead, save your frustration for a complaint letter you can write when you get back home.

Now you know what to avoid doing before flying, be sure to bear the above points in mind!

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