So Salty! The Best Dubai Beaches Around

January 30, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 7111

When you’re sitting at your desk and day dreaming about going on holiday, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll want to visit somewhere that’s cold. You get amazing mountain resorts that offer hot tubs and skiing, but if the weather outside your window is chilly with a chance of hail stones, it’s to the sun, sea and sand the mind drifts. Think cocktails. Think giant crashing waves that are warm to touch where the sun hits them. Think buying a ticket to luxury and not requiring scarves and hats. Think Dubai.

Aside from what you may see on reality TV shows, Dubai isn’t just a country associated with privileged individuals. Sure, you see a country oozing in luxury and packed with super yachts, but the best parts of Dubai are the ones that are hardly touched. Luxurious as it is, there are some fantastic deals in dubai that can be easily found online; it just takes a little research! With a country as hot as Dubai, you will want to lounge on the soft, icing sugar sand and soak up some rays and knowing the best beaches and resorts to visit will help you on your way. So, if you want to get the lowdown on some of the opalescent ocean views, check out our list below:


Habtoor Grand Beach Resort and Spa

When you want to eat good food, spend time in cool waters with a swim-up pool bar and lounge in the sun, you need a good spa resort. The beach is so long you can find a little peace no matter how far up you walk!

Club Joumana

Most beaches are hugely busy; especially in a place like Dubai. With this one laying only fifteen minutes from Dubai Marina, you’ll find a long stretch of peaceful coast to soak up the rays from. the beach itself is private to the hotel and it leads all the way into the sea.

Club Mina

When you’re looking for a beach to sprawl out on, you want it to be huge and with the coast in front of Barasti and the Westin, this one is massive. Great for the entire family, you’ll love the availability of the sun loungers here and you’ll never be crammed in, even at weekends!

Nasimi Beach

This one isn’t technically one of the many beach clubs in Dubai, but you’ll feel like you’re at one! Sun loungers, lustrous day beds and private cabanas with the music of a DJ all make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

The beach list we’ve included for you is not exhaustive, Dubai is literally heaving with beautiful beaches and amazing views. Being able to travel to somewhere in the world that is as beautiful as Dubai is a privilege and if you are on that plane, be excited about a part of the world that you may not have seen before. You can get your fill of beaches in Dubai with little effort; we can already smell the salty sea!


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