Taking the kids to Orlando? Read this post

June 28, 2019 • Travel Tips • Views: 2072

No matter your age, Orlando is likely to be a great place to visit, but this is especially true if you’re thinking about taking your kids. If there was ever a city that seems to be created for families, Orlando is it. 

This doesn’t mean that singles and couples can’t have an amazing time in Orlando. But there are simply so many great, family-friendly attractions in Orlando that it truly is one of the best places to take your kids on vacation. 

If you’re thinking about taking your children to Orlando, here are some things to consider:

Hiring a car

There are a few reasons why you may want to hire a car in Orlando. First, the public transport system isn’t the best, and it can be both difficult and time-consuming to navigate this with kids. Second, hiring a car will give you the freedom to go wherever you like- whenever you like. So if you’re spending the day at a theme park, and one of your kids needs a nap, you can easily head back to the hotel without needing to figure out a shuttle or taxi. 

You’ll also be likely to save money by hiring a car. That’s because you won’t need to choose your hotel based on whether they offer a shuttle, and you won’t have to continually use taxis and Uber to get around. Public transport can also quickly add up when you’re transporting an entire family from place to place multiple times a day.


Planning your trip

While some people love planning every moment of their vacation, most people prefer to decide what to do while they’re on the ground. However, a little pre-planning can definitely impact the success of your trip, while preventing disappointment if you find you won’t have time to do a certain activity. If you’re planning to visit some of the most popular attractions like the theme parks, it’s a good idea to purchase your tickets online. Not only will this help you avoid some of the lines, but you’ll be able to plan your trip accordingly. Also, don’t forget to pack the things you need for everyone, such as a baby swing for a newborn or snacks for toddlers.

Get outta town

There’s no doubt that there’s plenty to do in Orlando, but if you’re hoping for some fun in the sun, you may want to rent a car and take a road trip. Orlando is just four hours from Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and there are plenty of excellent beaches available down there to choose from. 

Plan for downtime

Have you ever gone on vacation, only to find that you end up really needing another vacation so you can unwind when you return home? When you’re traveling with kids, it can be tempting to pack in a ton of activities- after all, you wan them to create lifelong memories of their amazing vacations… right? 

But if you’re not careful, those memories will be tantrums and tears, which is why it’s a good idea to work in some time to relax each day. 

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