The Traveling Man’s Wardrobe

May 19, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 4033

If you’re planning to do some traveling this year, you’re probably wondering what you’ll need to take with you. Packing can be one of the hardest parts of traveling- after all, you don’t want to take too much, but you also don’t want to forget key items and have to buy them overseas, or worse, just make do without them.

Here’s what you need to take with you next time you’re traveling:


Formal Wear

I’m not talking a tuxedo here, but if you’re planning to go out somewhere nice you’re probably going to want to wear something a little more flash than your typical t-shirt and ratty jeans. Think a nice pair of relaxed trousers and a good shirt, or a pair of “good” jeans that are saved for special occasions.


If you’re going to be in a warm destination, mens swimwear is a must. Most hotels will have towels for you, so just bring along a pair of boardies and you’ll be good to go.



When it comes to packing shoes, men are luckier than women. You’ll find it easy to choose a few key pairs that will take you from day to night, from Bangkok to Budapest. Along with a pair of gym shoes that you can also wear if you want to get active and do some hiking during the day, take a pair of dress shoes for night, sandals or flip-flops for the beach or hot weather, and maybe some “trendy” shoes like the new woven trainers which are becoming a hit around the world.

Gym wear

If you like to workout while you’re traveling, you’re going to need to take some activewear. Choose materials that wick away sweat, especially if you’ll be going somewhere hot, and pack a couple of different changes of clothes so you can still workout if you’re not close to a washing machine or laundry. Make sure to pack a pair of gym shoes in case you’d like to have a run before starting your day. 

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You’ll also need some clothes for just hanging around during the day. For those who are traveling somewhere cold, think layers to combat the chilly temperatures. Some long shorts, t-shirts, long pants and long-sleeved tops will be all you need, along with a warm sweater in case the temperatures drop.


Don’t forget to accessorise! Whether you plan on bringing a nice watch, a good belt, or something else, accessories can make an outfit, and help you tidy yourself up if you’ve packed clothes that are more on the casual side.


While not technically part of your wardrobe, if you’re packing for a trip away it’s important that you ensure that you’re packing everything you need. While this means your smartphone, laptop (if you’re planning to work) and/or tablet, it’s equally important to remember all of your chargers. These can be tricky to find in certain countries, and knock-offs (particularly Apple chargers) can damage your equipment. You can also find cheap, portable chargers so you can stay connected while on the road.

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