Top places to visit in Italy

July 11, 2018 • Travel Tips • Views: 1823

Planning a vacation? You can’t go wrong with a trip to Italy. But it can be tricky narrowing down just where to visit. If you’re planning to visit this European gem, here are just a few of the top places to visit on your next vacation:


There’s a reason why a trip to Rome is at the top of many people’s bucket lists. This city is Italy’s capital, and there’s so much to do and see here that you may need to add a couple of extra days onto your trip. Explore the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and dozens of churches. While most people focus on the history and the food, this is also a modern, fast-paced city with sleek hotels and designer stores.

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You need at least a few days to explore incredible Venice. Take a gondola down the Grand Canal, tour the Palazzo Ducale and blow up your Instagram with the incredible Venetian architecture. Explore the Ponte degli Scalzi, listen to serenading violins, and be prepared to get wonderfully lost.


Florence makes you feel like you’re in small-town Italy, although it’s really the opposite. You may feel like you’ve stumbled across the 14th century, but the fashionable Italians will soon put a stop to that fantasy. If you’re looking for a romantic destination with incredible sunsets, delicious food, and Renaissance art, you can’t go wrong with Florence.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is spellbinding, as the 5 million visitors can attest each year. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and you can spend days wandering the 34 miles of coastal cliffs, majestic terrain, and seaside towns.

Feel like a road trip? Explore the 13 towns and the coast by driving along the SS163 highway, which is one of the world’s most scenic drives. Don’t skimp with the time you spend here- you want to have enough time to wander and not feel rushed.


Aromantic cooking, olives, wine, and romance- you’ll find all this and more in Tuscany. While the hustle and bustle of cities like Rome makes them a fun place to visit, there’s nothing like the Italian countryside for sprawling vineyards, castles, and rolling hills. If you’re planning a trip to Italy, do yourself a favour and add a few days of relaxation in Tuscany.

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