Why you should take a short break in the UK

July 20, 2018 • Travel Tips • Views: 2024

Psychologists have found that people who take short trips more often are happier than those who use their entire holiday in one go. By taking mini-breaks, you have more happy memories compared to people who are on holiday for extended periods.

This is because our enjoyment decreases as we become used to a holiday lifestyle. While you may assume that a longer holiday will give you more benefit, the opposite is true, since the longer you’re away, the less excitement you experience.

One of the best things about taking shorter trips? You can easily grab a last-minute short break. Here are a few reasons why you should take a short break in the UK:

See more places

While a week or two will allow you to get to a far-flung destination like New Zealand, shorter breaks allow you to see more destinations. By taking short breaks in the UK, you can see a lot more of your own country- potentially 12 different destinations every year if you work with your weekend days.


Busy breaks feel longer

When you take a short break, you’re more likely to make the most of your time and pack in plenty of adventures and activities. This makes it feel like you’ve been away for longer than you really have. When you’re somewhere for a week or longer, you’re more likely to travel slowly, which can make the days seem to blur together. That’s why you’ll sometimes feel more energized and refreshed after a weekend than you will after a long vacation.

Planning more holidays means more benefits

It turns out that we often get more out of planning a holiday than we do out of actually being on holiday. Studies have shown that anticipation is everything. Planning a short break will give you a mental boost, and it’s a good way to keep you motivated.

You’ll increase your productivity

Short mental breaks such as hitting the gym mid-morning or grabbing lunch outside of the office have been proven to increase focus and productivity. The same goes for short breaks in the UK. When you’re removed from the daily pressures, you’ll feel more refreshed and focused when you return to the office. If you’re hoping to make strides in your career this year, short breaks could be exactly what you need to get ahead and be your best self.

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