Urban Nature: Finding Wildlife Amongst the Skyscrapers

October 5, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 2110

If you pay a visit to a major city destination for a vacation you will probably think that you are more likely to find shopping opportunities and great places to eat than spotting some wildlife.

However, urban nature is thriving in many places and if you know where to look there is every chance you can search out some amazing natural sights living amongst the skyscrapers.

Here are some tips on ways to enjoy some nature encounters in a city environment, including tapping into local information, where to look for wildlife, and how to enjoy the natural sights of a city.

Do some detective work

Once you have settled into your accommodation and checked into a city base like the JW Marriott Washington where you can be close to the action and explore an urban area with ease, it’s time to become a nature detective.

A good way of finding out where to look for some wildlife would be to tap into local Twitter and Facebook feeds where locals have reported sightings and exchange information that you can use to track down the local nature more easily.

Walking around the local park and chatting to locals is another great way of finding out where the local nature action is taking place.

Away from the bright lights

You will normally get two distinct types of wildlife in a city, the first being the animals who are happy to live amongst the humans and graze on their leftovers, so spotting a squirrel or a hungry gull might not be that hard.

The second type are the elusive ones who prefer to live in the shadows and operate away from the bright lights and more in the shadows.

You have to exercise caution when wandering around more shadowy areas of the city at night but the less populated areas are often a haven for wildlife when the sun goes down.

Designated areas

Sometimes it can be easier to find wildlife, especially if the city has a designated urban space that is specifically there to attract a variety of creatures.

Talking about Washington DC, for example, the city has Rock Creek, which is a small wilderness area right in the heart of the city.

The park is considered a real oasis of calm with locals heading to the city park to enjoy spectacular nature and a feeling that you have been transported to a destination that is far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Take a trail

Rock Creek is a fine example of how nature can thrive in a city environment and if you are planning a city break to the nation’s capital or any other major urban destination, you are never really far from wildlife.

Check out whether your next city break location has a  designated urban wildlife space like a nature park and take a trail to witness the variety of flowers and creatures who call that place home.

Even if there is not a nature park, a bit of detective work should help you find some sight of your own.


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