Your 48 Hour Guide To Getting The Most From A London Staycation

January 23, 2019 • Travel Tips • Views: 2179

London always comes pretty high up when we consider the best cities for a weekend break. It’s a bustling metropolis which promises something for everyone. For UK residents, a break here is as easy as hopping the train and landing in one London’s prime train stations. From there, it’s possible to jump on the tube to near enough anywhere in the city. Talk about a staycation with ease.

London is such a fantastic option that the only real criticism you could aim at it is the wealth of experience it offers. Sometimes, a weekend stay doesn’t seem long enough. Most of us walk away feeling as though we could do with more time.

In truth, though, it’s entirely possible to see a great deal of London in two days. All it takes is a little planning. To help show how it’s done, we’re going to look at a few quick plans which could make the most of every second of your trip.
Route planning

One of the significant downsides of London is its sheer size. You can lose days to the underground alone if you aren’t careful. Hopping on the wrong train could see you wasting hours. Make sure it doesn;t happen by getting down to route planning ahead of time. That’s not to say you need to detail every aspect of your route. It may be that finding out which tube line you need could do the trick. Equally, knowing which number buses to look out for could save you at least an hour. These are simple steps, but they ensure you fit a whole lot more into your weekend.

Buy tickets in advance

No matter what you plan to do during your London stay, it’s also well worth buying tickets ahead of time. It may be that you need to buy West End tickets from sites like Today Tix. Or, perhaps you need to head to the Tower of London website to get some e-tickets. Either way, buying ahead saves you a great deal of time once you reach your location. You may still have to queue a little unless you purchase advance tickets. Often, though, buying tickets on the day means visiting different kiosks before you can even join the main queue. That’s an excessive waste of time, and it’s one you don’t need.


Plan your time

Last, your trip would benefit from a little time-based planning. If you think things through, it’s possible to fit more than one London excursion into each day. All you need to do is plan your time carefully. Get this right, and you could hit the Tower of London, the Natural History Museum, and an evening show performance. All in one day. That would then free you up to do at least two more things for the next day of your stay. The trick is to wake up early, and also limit the amount of time you spend in each location. As easy as that, London will become your staycation oyster.

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