Need Help Finding a Place to Rent? This Is What to Do

April 28, 2022 • Real Estate • Views: 1087

Most people find moving way more stressful than getting married. Do you need help finding a place to rent and worry about choosing the wrong spot? If you want some renting tips, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over things you should look for in a rental property.

Want to learn how to find an excellent apartment? Stick around and learn more.

What Do You Need?

You should make a list of the things you’re looking for in an apartment. Do you need a bigger apartment because your family’s growing? Are you looking for affordable rentals near downtown houston? Would you like an apartment that’s closer to your work?

Make a list of non-negotiable items. This will help you during your search for a rental. Do you want the landlord to take care of landscaping and snow removal?

Would you prefer to find an apartment that includes the utilities in the final price?

What’s Your Budget?

Before searching for apartments to rent, you should determine your budget. How much are you able to spend each month? Where do you currently rent, and how much does it cost?

You should also determine how much your variable and fixed expenses are each month. This way, you can avoid overspending. Try not to spend more than one-fourth of your total income on rent.

Where Would You Like to Live?

Are you looking at moving to a new area? How much can you spend, and do you plan to move to a new area? Spend some time researching what apartments are available in the area.

Do you need to commute to work? How far away is the apartment from your new position?

Think about the location you’d like to live, and if you can afford the area.

Try to Move During Off-Season

The unit availability will increase during a popular time of year. Since renters are looking for apartments, the landlords will drive up the rent price.

Think about how seasonality will affect your market. Consider moving during a quieter season if possible.

Also, the location will affect the price. Apartments near universities or colleges see a high turnover of renters each summer.

You might get a deal during the off-season. Landlords will give you a discount on rent because they want to avoid vacancies and lose money. If you can time it, you could negotiate a decent deal with the landlord.

Look for Rent Specials

Is there a new apartment building in your city? You might think since it’s new that the price will be super high.

A new apartment property owner will often try to interest renters with a special. For example, they might offer the first month free or give you a discount on the security deposit.

Save Money on Gym Memberships

Some perks, like a gym in the building, could help you save a lot of money. With a newer building, you might get to enjoy these perks at a discounted price if you’re lucky.

Cancel your monthly gym membership if you find an apartment with a gym.

Do You Have a Pet?

When searching for apartments, you should find one that’s pet-friendly if you have a dog or cat. Ask about the different fees with pet-friendly apartments.

Is there a monthly fee for having a pet or a one-time fee? Make sure you ask the landlord so you don’t get surprised later with new costs.

Ask For References

If you find an apartment you love, talk to other tenants or ask for a reference. This way, you can better understand the landlord and management.

Find out if you can speak to a few different tenants. You should ask how responsive management is to maintenance problems.

What’s Your Long-Term Goal?

Will you plan to stay in this new apartment for a particular season? For example, are you saving for a house and need a small apartment for a few months?

Would you like to find an apartment for a few years? Think about your long-term goal before you search for a new place.

Get a Real Estate Agent

If you need help finding a place to rent, work with a real estate agent.

A reputable real estate agent will know when new listings pop up. They will help you find a solid apartment landlord. Real estate agents can navigate the current market.

What Are You Responsible For?

You should find out how much you’re responsible for when renting an apartment. Do you need to take care of basic maintenance tasks around the place, or will you call the landlord?

Understand the rules before you rent a place. You don’t want to get into any issues.

What’s the Tenant Screening Process?

You should also learn about how the landlord chooses new tenants. If there’s an apartment you really want to rent, make an excellent application. You should have references available to talk to the landlord.

Some landlords will use an online rental application from a company like Rent Safe.

Make sure to provide all the information requested in the application.

Help Finding a Place to Rent

We hope this guide on help finding a place to rent was helpful. You should make a list of things you need in an apartment. Make sure you also talk to previous tenants.

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