Top 7 Tips On How To Budget For A Trip

April 27, 2022 • Travel Tips • Views: 1425

The idea of escape from your regular hustle, whether a long trip or an impromptu one, is intoxicating. While planning a trip is exciting, it’s easy to forget about the budget when your excitement runs high. The last thing you want is to be stranded somewhere far because you failed to account for some expenses beforehand. Hence, it’s essential to account for every little cost well in advance to ensure you have a good time and save money on travel.

It’s even easier to overspend on trips and later regret it or struggle financially. We are here with seven tips that can help you budget in a better way for all kinds of trips:

The big expenses

The most expensive parts of any trip are transportation and lodgings. How significant they are depends on your location and plans. Websites like budget your trip can help you plan for these but don’t expect any hacks or savings from them. So here are our tips on how to save on the following major travel expenses-

  • Airfare

If you have access to the major hubs- JFK, LaGuardia, or EWR, try to look who’s offering the cheapest tickets. If you don’t have access to them, try to book a cheap ticket from your local airport to the closest major airport. They tend to offer less expensive tickets. Before Covid, booking tickets way early usually meant low prices, but the current scenario has complicated the scene more. Waiting might not work for you, so grab it when you see any good deal.

  • Lodging

Check multiple websites before booking any rooms. Some websites and resources let you browse all the options available. Various hotels also offer coupons occasionally. 

While you are at it, you can also check out Airbnb or shared hotels to see if you find any good deals.

  • Transport

If you need to rent a car or any other vehicle, look for prices on websites like Autoslash. They let you see all the programs available and browse for the cheapest rates. In the case of trains, Eurail Pass offers some great discounts and unlimited travel on a budget plan. 

The small expenses

All the small purchases on a trip sometimes add to more than the big expenses when combined. Your travel plan and budget should also consider entertainment, food, souvenirs, and even roaming charges. Here are some of the major expenses that you should account for in your plans:

  • Entertainment

The main aim of a trip is to relax and check out the new places. Entertainment will take a good chunk out of your travel budget if you aren’t careful. Major cities often offer tourist cards that let you avail of discounts at the most popular spots and tourist destinations. If you plan on visiting all the highlights of a place, overall, these cards will help you save a lot.

  • Debit cards and holds

Hotels and rental companies put your debit cards on hold when you arrive. If you are using a debit card, the money they put on hold won’t be available to you until they release it. It would be wiser to use your credit cards instead of debit cards while you are traveling to ensure you don’t get strapped for cash at any point.

  • Cellphone coverage

If you use Google Fi or T-Mobile, your cellphone plans will include international roaming. If not, you might want to get a local sim for your trip. They will be a lot cheaper than the international roaming charges of your mobile company.


Another way to plan out your travels is to set up a travel fund early on. Put a bit of your savings into that fund each month or week, depending on your financial situation. This would come in handy long-term. We hope all these tips help you plan the best holiday.

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