4 things to consider when choosing a sailing holiday

May 8, 2017 • Travel Tales • Views: 2792

Sailing holidays can be incredibly rewarding. Not only do they give you the freedom of travelling the open waters, but they allow you to explore new towns, cities and entire countries on a week-long trip. But before you book your break, make sure you read through these four things to consider when choosing a sailing holiday so that you’re not caught out.

  1. Hiring a skipper

When you set off for a relaxing sailing holiday, the last thing you want to be worrying about is navigating the yacht and getting to your next port on time. When you book a vacation with a company such as The Big Sail, you’ll have access to hundreds of qualified skippers that can accompany you on your journey and get you to your next destination safely and without worry. What’s more, with a skipper, you’ll have access to their extensive knowledge of the country and waters that you’re travelling in, meaning you’ll be able to find hidden treasures.


  1. Your itinerary

Before your sailing holiday, you’ll need to plan and prepare for your journey. If you book a break with a sailing holiday company, the chances are that they’ll have put together a prearranged itinerary that you can follow. This often is the most sensible route to take, as all of the ports and marinas you’ll be travelling to will be prepared for your arrival and will be able to help you with fuelling, finding somewhere to eat and helping you make the most out of each of the villages, towns and cities you’ll be visiting. HuffPost has put together an excellent guide to planning a Caribbean sailing holiday if you want to soak up some sun this summer.

  1. The weather

When you’re out at sea, anything can happen – and that includes rain and snowfall when you were expecting the sun. Whether you’re travelling in the summer months or you’re braving the autumn sailing season, you should prepare for every weather condition – both regarding packing the right foods and outfits, but also in terms of managing the boat or yacht. We recommend that, if you’re not an experienced sailor, you should ask for help and do your research before travelling so that you’ll know how to stay in control in choppy conditions.

  1. Your boat

If you have your own boat or yacht, then this consideration won’t apply to you, but for most people, a sailing holiday will involve renting or hiring a boat. If opting to buy, be sure to do your research to help you find cheap boats for sale. You will want to be sure you find one that best meets all of your needs. If you’re travelling with friends and family, for example, then you’ll need to find a sail that can accommodate everyone comfortably. On the other hand, you’re travelling with your partner, then opt for a smaller cabin so that you can enjoy cosy nights together.

Wherever you’re headed, take advantage of these four tips and have a great time.

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