Create amazing videos of your first ever vacation

May 4, 2022 • Travel Tips • Views: 702

Creating travelling videos is one of the latest trends these days.

Many people are travelling alone due to the pandemic, and many of these solitary travellers are interested in making travel blogs of their first solo trip under the sun, or amidst the mountains, giving a glimpse into their adventures.

To make your first travel vacation video stand out, it shouldn’t be just a collection of clips sitting on a drive.

There are many people for whom creating videos can be a tough job because of the lack of skills one needs to learn to create and edit videos. But even if a person isn’t knowledgeable and skilled in this field, they can easily make travelling videos and show off their creativity using the amazing features of InVideo.

How to Create Your Travel Video?

To create an amazing travel video, you should first get to know about a few things that have to be done while filming, which will help you during the whole video-making process. Below are the points to remember while creating a travel video:

1. Plan and Shoot Your Video at the Desired Location

If you are planning for a solo trip, then you should also scout for locations that will be perfect for shooting your video.

Before shooting the video, you should have a story that you can tell to your viewers. You can also click some candid shots of the surroundings, which will give the viewers a casual glimpse into your day-to-day experience of the trip.

You can also add a voice-over to your video, which will describe your travel experience and film the shots according to that.

Also, make sure you get beautiful sequential shots that will help you sit down and edit the video according to the order of your itinerary and place them together perfectly.

2. Keep Your Camera Steady

Many people do not understand the significance of keeping their cameras steady. If you do not keep your camera steady, the little stutters in the video can make it look unpresentable.

If you are making a vlog-style video while walking, ensure you keep your hand steady. You can also slow zoom to focus on the subject.

3. Create a Backup of Your Media 

People often forget to back up their media. And this makes them at high risk of losing all their photographs and videos.

It is most important to backup any type of file in at least 3 different locations. If you want to edit a video without any hassles, you should have a backup of the media so that you can retrieve the videos and photographs easily at the time of editing.

There are many options and apps to backup your files, like Google Drive. But as a safer option, you should back up your data through physical means, too, like using a hard drive. It will help you get access to your media even without a stable internet connection. 

 4. Organise Your Media for Easy Access

You should organise your media to get easy access to all the photos and videos while editing your travel video. It is said that organising media is one of the keys to editing videos effectively.

To organise your media, you can log your shots by creating a simple Excel sheet on your phone where you can simply note down all the names of the shots. This will save you time and make editing easier.

You can also name your footage by using your system, where you can add names to your files just by writing the year, month, and date in chronological order. This will help you to maintain your media and get easy access to the photos and videos while editing.

5. Preview and Pre-select the Footage You Want to Add

If you want to save time and get more work done faster, then you should preview all your footage and pre-select the shots you want to add to your vacation video. This will help you in editing your video with ease because you don’t have to browse hundreds of minutes of footage.

To simplify the preselection and editing process, you can look up how to edit video tips that outline the process from start to finish. These help is a proper understanding on editing a video and have a better understanding for future reference.

The easiest way to get all the clips at the time of editing is to organise them in a single folder. This will prevent you from going back and forth, selecting the videos, and adding them to the final draft for editing.

6. Get the Music You Want to Add

Music is one of the most powerful and magical tools that can be used to express and communicate all kinds of messages and emotions. While editing your travel video, you can add music that will give life to the shots, location, and all your travel experiences.

You can also use royalty-free audio and sound effects to add to your video. Just a simple search online can help you find the best resources for audio and sound effects that you can use free of cost.

What Types of Camera Gear or Equipment Do You Need to Create a Travel Video?

If you want to make a perfect travel video without any issues, you need to have some equipment with the help of which you can express your journey vividly.

Below are the top 3 gear or equipment you can use while travelling and taking photos and video.

1. Travel Bag/Backpack

A backpack is essential to keep your camera body, camera lenses, and any other accessories safe. It will be a great investment to handle your photography equipment safely. These backpacks have different specially designed compartments and other sections to keep your accessories safe.

2. Memory Cards

It is important to keep memory cards on hand to ensure you’re not in a pickle in case you lose any data or media files. You need to ensure that you choose the correct brand and size for your memory cards. It is always recommended to keep at least two to three extra memory cards while travelling.

3. Mono and Tripods

Mono and tripods are some of the essential equipment you should carry to capture great photographs and videography in every type of situation. Ensure that you are purchasing the right monopods and tripods. They will help you to get steady and clear shots. In addition, tripods help prevent any movement when you are taking close-up shots.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know everything you need to know to create your first ever vacation travel video make sure you prepare for your trip well.

Have fun on your vacation and have even more fun using all the tips detailed above to create and edit your first travel video!

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