Five Tips For Making Your Cruise Holiday The Most Relaxing Yet

March 30, 2016 • Travel Tips • Views: 3013

Cruise holidays are, in general, woefully misunderstood. A lot of people make assumptions based on what culture has said about them for years. That they’re abundant with older people and cheesy sensibilities. There’s no denying that the average cruise customer is over forty and that cruise discos are very much a thing. But to focus on that is to deny yourself one of the most relaxing holidays you can find. If you can’t see the benefit of sailing under gorgeous weather to islands and locations you would never see otherwise then we can’t help you. If you want to have a new, utterly relaxing kind of holiday, however, read on.


Be flexible

Cruises, by their nature, are not massively flexible formats for a holiday. However, if you’re able to be flexible about your own planning, then all kinds of possibilities can open up for you. For example, most people think about going on holiday in the summer. If you decide to wait until the winter, however, cruises could be the best choice for you. Most of the best cruise holidays take you through the southern hemisphere. If you want the best possible weather, a winter cruise can take you to all kinds of tropical paradises. There are also times of the year when you’re likely to get much better deals.

Taking everything you need

Being on a cruise ship is a lot like being on a mobile hotel. There’s a lot to do on them, but you’re going to have plenty of time to yourself. So make sure you take a book you can read under the sun and swimwear to enjoy the pool between stops. Things like toiletries and hairdryers should be considered, too. You’re going to be out there a long time, so you’ll probably want your own grooming comforts with you. Besides that, if you’re planning exploring, have the right stuff for that, too. Sun lotion, shorts and wide hats are essential if you’re taking a walk along an exotic beach, for example.


Getting there early

As with any holiday, there are always those who rush at the last moment to try get there just in the nick of time. These moments are always stress-filled and messy. You want to be the exact opposite of those people. Getting out early, a day early in fact, is a great way to start you holiday early. Lots of cruise providers offer pre-cruise accommodation. Relax, spend the night enjoying some great service and be ready to go the next morning. Then think of how good an idea it was when you see people stressed and flocking to get in on time.

Knowing your stops

How long you stay at a port depends on the kind of cruise you’re after. Some will only stay in port for a few hours, usually between three and eight. Others that feature a destination in particular will stay there for days. But however long you’re there, capitalise on the time you have. You’ll be spending plenty of time relaxing on board, so take the ports as opportunities to have your excitement and adventure. Read up on where you’re visiting before you get there and keep a loose itinerary. Visiting Jamaican shores is all the better when you already have a restaurant, walk and some sights planned to go see.

Also don’t forget to consider where your cruise departs from. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a cruise hub, you’ll probably have to drive or fly to a port. Why not spend a few days in the port before or after the cruise making the most of this bonus destination? If you’re cruising out of Miami, don’t forget that there are lots of beautiful Florida Villa Holidays that would be the perfect way to begin or end your cruise holiday!


Take advantage of the extras

Although it costs more, we have to recommend seriously considering the extras that cruise ships offer. Perhaps the one downfall of these holidays is that it can be boring towards the end of the trips. Cruise ships offer a lot, but they offer a lot more to those who are willing to budget a bit higher. For one, you can wile hours away in utter bliss by choosing the spa packages that many cruises offer. If you find yourself wanting to use them even more, you can choose a time when people are on a port. By sacrificing a little of the time you could have at the destination, you can get the spas and the pools almost entirely to yourself.

Cruises, as we have said, are hugely misunderstood. They rank up there along with ski holidays as the best trip to have if you want a taste of luxury. With the right preparation, you’ll be switching from bliss aboard a moving hotel and adventure in new lands. If it’s top notch treatment and locations you might otherwise never see, seriously consider a cruise ship holiday. You most definitely won’t regret it.


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