Oh Vino! Advice For Wine Drinking On Your Travels Down Under

May 17, 2017 • Travel Tips • Views: 2428

There’s nothing better than finishing off the evening in a fantastic country with a glass of wine. After all, you can take in the beautiful sights while you sip on the tipple. And with nowhere to rush to the next day, it can be an excellent way to relax until the early hours. One place which you can enjoy a good glass of vino is Australia. After all, they have some great wines down under which you will love to try. However, if you do want to go and enjoy the booze while in Australia, there are some tips you need. In fact, here is some advice for drinking on your travels down under.

Ask to try the different wines

You might go into a bar or restaurant and are left puzzled when it comes to ordering a glass of tipple. After all, there might be a ton of options which you might not have heard of before. And it can leave you wondering what to try while you are on your travels. A lot of people make the big error of just ordering any that sound good. But then they are left with a bad taste in their mouth if they don’t like the wine. And it can also leave their travel money a little sparse. Therefore, you need to avoid making the wrong choice by asking if you could try the wine first. They should give you a couple of options of house wine before you make a decision. And it can stop you from going for the wrong choice when it comes to wine. Don’t be afraid to ask the waiter’s opinion before going for a wine too. In fact, explain you are a traveler, and they will be happy to help you choose a tipple which ticks all the right boxes.

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Follow the locals’ lead when it comes to wines

When you are looking for a drink to finish off a long day of sightseeing, you can be left dumbstruck for choice when you go in bars. After all, there are so many different vino options on offer in the bars. And you don’t want to end up with something you don’t like. You might be tempted to follow a tourist’s lead when it comes to picking a vino. After all, they might seem confident in what they are ordering. But it might be the case they were just pretending and haven’t tried it before. So you could potentially end up with something that is not the best choice. Therefore, you should be following the locals lead when it comes to wines. Watch to see which wine they are going for before you choose your own choice during your travels. And don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation to ask them about the best wines to try in the bars. They are quite friendly with tourists so will likely offer you a recommendation when it comes to which drink to go for!

Go on a wine tour

It’s likely you won’t get to try the best authentic wines when you are in Australia. After all, the bars and restaurants in the cities like Sydney tend to stock up on tourist favorites. So you might end up with something which is not even made in Australia. Therefore, if you want an authentic wine drinking experience, you should head on a wine tour. There are several which are based in the countryside in which you can enjoy wonderful wines while taking in the beautiful scenery. In fact, you can look online to discover the hunter valley wine tours available which are located just two hours from Sydney. And you will get to visit the wineries to see how the wine is made before trying a glass yourself. If you are traveling with a friend, it’s a great way to spend a long day in the sunshine. You might even find a bottle that you really love which you then can enjoy drinking for the rest of your travel experience.

Go to a wine festival

You might have been to a beer festival before. In fact, these are popular worldwide. But as for wines, a lot of people don’t realize that there are some great festivals for vino too. And it’s a great opportunity to try all the local wines on offer while you are traveling. You can visit the different stands at one of these wines festivals in Australia to have a small glass of each drink. And then you can decide which one tickles your taste buds. That way, you can go on to enjoy this drink for the rest of your travels.

Just remember to not get too tipsy while you are on your travels, so you remember your way back to the hotel!

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