Tips for Being a Better Tourist

March 28, 2023 • Travel Tips • Views: 2877

Traveling and seeing the world is only a dream for many people, but for those folks out there making it a reality, it’s one of the most rewarding ventures in life. Tourists flood popular destinations year in and year out, some of them adhering to the rules and others a bit clueless about local customers. If you want to travel, it’s wise to view yourself as a visitor, a tourist, to the area and make sure that you be the best tourist you can be. Here’s how you can do that.

Learn the Language

No one is suggesting that you take a crash course in French or Spanish overnight, but it’s considerate if you learn the basics of communication in the local language. For example, knowing how to say things like please or thank you will go a long way in helping you get along better as a tourist. If you’re traveling to a place where they speak your native language, you still might need to learn what phrases or words might differ in meaning. For example, English is a common language but there are some cultures that attach different meanings to the same word.

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Vape Don’t Smoke

Smoke is one of those very offensive things that goes beyond rudeness. Tobacco smoke can be a health hazard, it smells bad, and most locals aren’t going to appreciate a plume of cigarette smoke blown their way. Vape if you must smoke. The difference between vaping and smoking is that the vape is going to smell pleasant and be less offensive to locals. Vaping is a much more convenient, less messy, and considerate method of smoking while you’re traveling. If you are newer to vaping you can look at this article by Johnny Holland as he guides you on choosing the best vaporizer for your needs.

Have Your Papers

Keeping a photocopy of your passport with you at all times will ensure that you’re covered in the event that you have to show this to an officer or other officials. Not only is this considerate for the officials who sometimes need to verify matters, but it’s more convenient for you as well and will clear up misunderstandings. Having identification and passports on you when you’re traveling abroad is a must, and it makes life easier for everyone involved, both travelers and local residents.

Get Cultural

It’s tempting to spend your entire trip shopping and spending cash at malls or stores, but remember that you’re visiting an area that has a rich local history, too, and you’re depriving yourself and those cultural destinations of a lot if you skip all of them. It’s always a help to local tourism when you visit one of their historical sites or museums to make sure that they get their due as well (as in your tourist dollars).

Gratuity Etiquette

One of the most exciting parts about traveling is sampling the local food. You should do this as often as your wallet allows, but also make sure that you don’t forget to tip the correct amount. By researching and finding out just how much you should tip in that particular area, you make sure that the hard-working chefs and waiters and waitresses get their fair compensation. You also get a bigger smile when you tip right, and sometimes that’s worth a lot, too.

Being a better tourist begins with these four simple rules. You’ll find that your travels are much more pleasant when you adhere to local customs, keep a steady smile, and fairly compensate the hard-working people who are making your trip such a success.

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